Why Wonder Woman Is A Badass

Wonder Woman is a coming of age story about finding the superhero you’re going to be in the world and finding the confidence to believe that you can make that change. And there’s all the reasons why you can’t be the one to make a difference. Including the part that it’s “No Man’s Land”. And there are a couple of times where it’s said “We have to take it to the men who can” and Wonder Woman was like “But I’m the man who can.” And she’s not saying that as a feminist thing. She literally is like of course you’re not talking about “men”. Like I’m The Man Who Can, mankind, that’s me. So even in No Man’s Land she doesn’t think that it excludes her. It’s a really good personal character moment of confidence and decision of what you can do. It’s not about the wall of people that you’re going up against. She’s just going to go across and be the one that makes a difference.
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